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To provide young children with an introduction to Davis tools for attention focus and self-regulation, to learn the alphabet and use Davis techniques to acquire primary level pre-reading and reading skills, and to provide parents or other family members with the knowledge and experience to continue to support their children’s learning during early school years.

Ages Served

Appropriate for children age 5-8, and older children with significant developmental delays. Note: Children of this age who are already exhibiting dyslexia symptoms or reading anxiety may require some steps and program time beyond those outlined below.

Length of Program

Approximately 30 hours, generally provided in half-day sessions over two or more consecutive weeks, depending on the child’s stamina and distance from Facilitator. The program requires the presence of a parent or other designated support person, who will be observing and participating throughout the overall program time. 

What Happens During a Program?

Program Goals:

Before committing to the program, the Facilitator will provide an informal assessment of the child’s learning style and discuss learning goals with the parent.

The child will learn the following mental-focusing techniques:

  • Davis Focusing
  • Release (stress-reduction and relaxation technique)
  • Energy-dial (self-regulation of energy level)
  • Koosh ball exercises to reinforce focusing skills

Letter and Alphabet Mastery:

The child will model and master upper and lower-case letters of the alphabet in clay, followed by mastery of the entire alphabet sequence.

The child and parent will learn how to use Davis Symbol Mastery to learn language symbols and master the most common and basic words encountered in early reading such as “a”, “the”, “for” “to”

The child and parent will learn how to use the Davis Reading exercises to develop reading tracking, fluency, and comprehension

Support training and instruction will be provided to the parent throughout the program

Summary of Post Program recommendations


Davis Young Learner Kit for Home Use

Program Outcome

After working with the Davis Facilitator, the child and the parent will know how to use Davis techniques to control attention focus and energy level. The child will have mastered the alphabet and basic punctuation marks. The child and parent will have been provided with learning techniques for beginning reading skills, and knowledge and experience with learning methods for mastering words and language symbols.
"Kayla’s confidence and general happiness and joy during school has greatly improved. She now enjoys and looks forward to reading books at or near her grade level. She can now figurer out when her dial is too high and needs a break. She also has become more open and willing to share her ideas and thoughts, answers, questions, and even become more descriptive in her writing and retelling stories. I love that she now can tell when she’s off and catches her mistakes with a smile instead of tears."
N.P. Mother
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